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Catch a Falling Suffrage Quote

Well. After yesterday's long history lesson, I thought I'd give you a break today. A little fun. A few famous suffrage quotations. And a reminder of our special discount code on one of our popular items on Etsy.

Each Falling Quote puzzle is a quotation from a famous suffragist. The puzzles work a bit like Wheel of Fortune. We have a quotation to figure out. Most of the letters are omitted, but you have a few letters as clues. The missing letters for each empty cell are below the puzzle.

In addition to the letter clues, I'll give you a few historical clues to help you out. And one last thing, each quotation ends with the name of the woman quoted.

One more note: Unlike Wheel of Fortune, you're not seeing all of any of the visible letters. In other words, just because an E shows in the puzzle doesn't mean there aren't more E's in the puzzle for you to identify. Select your letter from the available letters below the puzzle.

Puzzle Challenge 1

Although not as well known as many of our popular suffragists, this woman was a very early abolitionist and suffragist. In fact, many call her the Mother of the Suffrage Movement. Although she was born in South Carolina, she later moved up north to accompany her ailing father. It was at this time that she was introduced to the abolition movement. She remained in the north for the rest of her life and became an active writer on abolition and women's rights.

Puzzle 1
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Puzzle Challenge 2

This suffragist also fought hard against slavery. Her given name was Araminta; her nickname was Moses. She also worked closely with Susan B. Anthony. You know her name well, and her quote is certainly inspirational. And here's a big hint, she may have been a dreamer with big dreams, but her actions were even greater. All aboard for this puzzle.

Puzzle 2
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Puzzle Challenge 3

This is a long quote by a woman who is so closely associated with suffrage that the 19th Amendment was originally named after her. Her quotes speaks to the logic of why we needed suffrage for true equality. She believed in rights...nothing more and nothing less.

Puzzle 3
Download PDF • 283KB

Puzzle Challenge 4

Finally, this woman is a favorite of mine. I wrote enough about her yesterday. She had a knack for seeing the obvious and boiling issues down to their simplest conclusion...and fighting aggressively for her cause. In her opinion, there was nothing complicated about it.

Puzzle 4
Download PDF • 232KB

Puzzle Solutions

If you're finding these puzzles challenging, don't worry. I'm not going to leave you hanging. I don't want you to fret over the answers; rather, I hope you will think about the quotations and appreciate the sentiments behind the words.

Falling Quotations Solutions
Download PDF • 452KB

Purple, White and Gold

Because this is suffrage month and many women are celebrating our vote and throwing suffrage parties, we have put our Etsy suffrage items on sale. But these are not long-term discounts. Most discount codes are active for a limited time.

So be like Alice Paul and take action now. This week we have our beautiful, satiny soft tri-color sash coupled with an authentic-looking gold button. Click this link or click on the image and use the Discount Code: VOTE10.

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Aug 10, 2022

Oh, do I ever love puzzles. I'll download these and see how I do. Thanks.

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