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Attn: Museum Store Retailers

Because RosieCentral is a small, women-owned business, we are always close to our customers. We are available to answer questions, fulfill custom requests and work closely with you...whether it's a special event, fundraising project or a standard repeat order.

9 Ways RosieCentral Works for Museums

Here are a few of the ways that RosieCentral works for you--the museum store manager. And we're always adding more. If you have an idea and need help with production, talk with us. We're here to help you.


HISTORICAL ACCURACY. There's nothing simple and slapped together about a RosieCentral product. We spend weeks researching, studying photographs, museum collections, primary source documents and period artwork looking for evidence to support designs for our pins and bandanas or an outfit for one of our Amazing Women figures.


ORIGINALITY. You won't see run-of-the-mill products from RosieCentral. For example, when we designed our Rosie Legacy 27" bandana, we combined historical accuracy with our unique flair--super-soft cotton dyed exclusively for us in a pattern of random polka dots, exactly as in the We Can Do It! poster. Plus we added a small Rosie profile and motto.


QUALITY. At RosieCentral, we only create products that your customers will appreciate for years. We search for the best materials, the highest manufacturing standards and the best we can pass a quality, affordable product along to you.


POPULAR PROVEN PRODUCTS. Long before we started selling to museums, we sold directly to customers on Etsy and Amazon. After thousands of direct sales, we know that we have products the public wants. Just read some of our testimonials.


LOW ENTRY POINT. RosieCentral makes it easy for you to get started with our commitment to low risk and low threshold. Minimum orders start at just six (6) of an item. And we give you a 5% discount on your first order.


CUSTOM PACKAGING. When museum visitors are shopping--either for a gift or themselves--they want the item to provide a connection to their museum experience. That's why, for a small fee, we can incorporate the name and logo of your museum on the header cards, stickers and tags we develop for your packaging. 


CUSTOM PRODUCTS. And sometimes your customers want a special souvenir of their visit. While we have our Amazing CAN DO Women collection, perhaps you have an iconic figure that you would like turned into an inspirational ornament, acrylic figure or illustration. Let's discuss.


IMAGES FOR ONLINE STORE. These days it's not enough to sell to museum visitors. You need to include e-commerce in your plans. We can supply digital product shots of any of our products. Just ask.


QUICK TURNAROUND. We're not the biggest outfit in town, but we move mountains to meet your needs and deadlines. We're small enough, too, so you won't get lost in the melee.

Get a Wholesale Price Quote or More Information

Contact Matilda and Kendra to find out more about any of our products, get wholesale pricing or discuss custom options and museum branding.

Thanks for your inquiry; we'll be back to you shortly.

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