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Christmas Lists You'll Want to Check Twice

Updated: May 17, 2023

As we continue to explore the true meaning of Christmas, let's enjoy a little change of pace. Santa isn't the only one who has lists to check. I've put together lists of my personal favorite songs, movies and books. In the comments, I'd love to learn some of your favorites.

I've included links so that you can listen to the songs, see clips of the movies and find the books on Amazon.

Traditional Christmas Songs

Funny Christmas Songs

Funny Christmas Films

Best Spiritual Christmas Films

Favorite Classic Christmas Films

Best Animated Christmas Movies

Christmas Stories of All Time


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11 dic 2022

I always love to read lists. These were fun and thanks for including the links

Me gusta

09 dic 2022

I'm not a keeper of Christmas favorites lists. But I know that Christmas in Connecticut is my favorite seasonal film. I didn't notice it on your list and so thought I was adding a new one. But then I scrolled back up and see that you have it listed FIRST in Favorite Classic Christmas Films. I totally agree. And although I may not have favorites, I loved looking at your lists because they brought back lots of memories. I've never seen Holiday Inn, so thanks to you that one is on my list for this holiday season.

Me gusta
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