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How To Be Grateful -- and Where To Find Gratitude

Welcome back to RosieCentral’s November Giving Thanks Month.

Yesterday, we wrote about expressing gratitude to people in your life. Technology makes it so easy to let others know that you are grateful to them -- for them.

Today, I’d like to bring up the concept of

where you can find something or someone

to be thankful for. After all, some days seem just plain disheartening or rotten.

For example, how can you be thankful when a friendship has just fallen apart, or a colleague took your good idea to the boss and got credit for it, or when the special birthday cake comes out dry, or when you don’t get the raise you were anticipating, or when the repairs on your car cost twice as much as you thought, or when you miss your bus and are late for work…well you get the idea.

Be Thankful — No Matter What!

Life certainly throws a lot of disappointments our way. Yet I’m suggesting you be THANKFUL.

Here are three ideas of how you can find reasons to be grateful -- even when it seems impossible.

— Idea #1: Realize you can make someone else’s day better, even if you aren’t having a great day yourself. Then do it — don’t just think about it. Make another person’s day better with your words or actions. Be thankful you can do that.

— Idea #2: Recognize you are enough. You don’t need to change or behave differently or seek revenge. You are enough. Be grateful for that.

— Idea #3: Read a joke or look for a cartoon that makes you laugh. Just listen to the sound of your own laugher. Be grateful for that sound.

Remember, no one can take away your feelings of gratitude from you.


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Holding a door. Sharing a smile. Saying something nice...even to a stranger. It makes a difference. Thank you for this reminder.

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