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Inspiration Writing Contest: Bronze Winning Story


We hope you'll consider Mairi Neil's message:

There is an interplay between words and actions. The value of using both in a life

creates a positive difference.


Passion to Make a Positive Difference: A Sense of Purpose

Mairi Neil, Australia

Two Quotes Provided Inspiration and Set Me On My Path

#1: You’re either part of the solution or you're part of the problem.

This saying originated in the USA in the 1960s and is often attributed to Leroy Eldridge Cleaver (1935-1998), a writer, political activist and early civil rights leader of the Black Panther Party.

#2: ”I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again

This second quote hung above the mantlepiece in my childhood home in the 1970s. It is a famous verse by Quaker missionary Etienne de Grellet (1773-1855). The concept of active kindness to everyone continues to touch my life.

These two quotes served as inspiration and guidance to:

  • Value and seize educational opportunities,

  • Be active in social justice campaigns, and

  • Volunteer and engage with various community organizations and projects.

Next, Add In My Mum’s Mantra

Mum’s mantra provided the third benchmark for my life:

"Actions speak louder than words."

I still favour projects where I can see a practical result. Global warming requires urgent action: I write articles and poems, letters and submissions, raise funds for campaigns, march the streets in protest.

When the devastating bushfires struck Australia in the summer of 2019-2020, my "actions" turned to donating physical goods and food for people, and making soft material pouches to house the orphaned animals as well as those recovering from injuries, These practical responses became the kindnesses I could show.

My Profile: Writers and Metaphors

I’m a writer and a teacher of writers. So it’s no surprise that I love metaphors. If I were to choose a part of speech to describe myself, I’d be an active verb.

At high school in the late ‘60s and at university in the ‘70s, I met dedicated activists and inspirational people from all walks of life. I became involved in the Women’s Liberation and Peace Movements and supported the burgeoning struggle for Indigenous Land Rights. Hands-on activities and the fellowship of the Union of Australian Women meant I helped promote equal pay, improved health services and workplace rights. These actions lead to the election of more women into positions of power.

Dancing with Justice

However, family violence still claims the lives of too many women and children, the gap in health services for rural and indigenous populations is still huge, and equal pay is as elusive as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. These disadvantages can be multiplied for asylum seekers and refugees. Social justice in my lifetime is a slow awkward dance, of one step forward two steps back, but we must keep dancing.

The Box of Hope

I remain passionate for peace and human rights and know I’m not alone. Each generation produces people determined to work for a more equitable and peaceful world. The evils of the world and temptations that can’t be resisted may have been released by Pandora’s curiosity but Pandora also discovered Hope in the box.

Hope inspires me to believe the future will be better. I’ve donated creative writing to anthologies designed to raise awareness and funds for issues as diverse as Alzheimer’s, cancer, and refugee camps around the world. Some of the anthologies earn more than dollars for worthwhile causes because they also encourage the craft of creative writing so that more life stories will be told.

The Value of Education

My parents valued literacy and education as the cultivation of the desire to learn, not the cramming of knowledge. I discovered a love of reading and the power of words blessed with what my mother termed ‘an over-active imagination’.

Qualifications and writing skills led to teaching adult education, especially memoir to help people record their stories. Age, bouts of ill-health and adverse life events have not lessened the desire to fight for positive change. Words are a powerful tool; the pen always preferable to the sword!

Education Linked to Health Care Advocacy

Several bouts of cancer and years as a carer for my husband, plus early widowhood started my journey of advocating for improved health literacy and to focus on equity and better outcomes in the health system. The scientists and medicos steered us through the global pandemic, and did the heavy lifting. Knowing some of these people personally, I’m filled with admiration for their persistence and dedication.

I’ve benefited from the skills of surgeons, radiologists, GPs and nurses. Yet my lobbying for change is ongoing as it is important to make medical expertise more widely available to all groups. My work includes submissions, involvement in projects with the Peter McCallum Cancer Centre and Victoria Cancer Council, and participating online in an Australian Health Panel.

Projects concerning health and diet reveal that health and the environment are inextricably linked. Projects are online as well as in person so keeping up with technology is important and networking invaluable. It turned out that at the beginning of 2020, I began making facemasks for family, friends and people in need. That was a most satisfying contribution!

Love Not Fear

For me, love is a more powerful motivator than fear. Empathy and effort are needed in a world where chaos often seems the norm. A silver thread in my life’s tapestry is a love for the environment and natural world. The desire to protect the vulnerable extends to plants and animals endangered by climate change and pollution from mankind’s activities.

During the pandemic, Melbourne instituted a 5k and then 10k ‘ring of steel.’ This allowed us some outside time — originally 60 minutes and later 90 minutes. But many shops, community centres, workplaces, and even parks, closed. I’ve never held a driver’s licence so walking or public transport was already a routine way of life. But in lockdown, walking became a necessity.

My garden flourished with the attention I gave it during the pandemic

I started an Instagram account in 2020. The learning curve was facilitated by my daughter, Mary Jane. This enabled me to to post regularly of seasonal changes, always with the emphasis on beauty and wonder. The photographs of flora and fauna, the landscape, streetscape and seascape, inspired writing about the everyday.

Beauty Inspired Me

One of my favourite hymns as a child was All Things Bright and Beautiful. Yes, all things, all seasons have valuable attributes. I focus on the warmth and light of the sun not its spots; winter always transitions to spring.

Here is a sample of my work during that period.

Sunset at Mordialloc Creek

By the Creek

Smooth and silent the water

mirrors stillness,

no boats or wind visible

small groups of people picnic

appreciating the warmth of the sun

and friendships rekindled

Lockdown restrictions eased

as laughter floats across the Creek

melodic birdsong echoes the joy

aromatherapy of blossomed spring

beneath shape-shifting clouds

paints peace and serenity

the natural world is always here,

was always here for our pleasure

if nurtured and preserved

a teal duck ripples past

moorhens call from the reeds

the water silent no more

Numerous Sources of Inspiration

The events, places and people that have inspired me are too many to list. The Internet is an ideal tool to complement other sources of knowledge. Global Zoom builds on available information. But I’ve also been privileged to travel widely, live in other countries, move out of my comfort zone and experience cultures other than my own. Lifelong learning has enriched each stage of life. The rainbow of colourful adaptations increasing or decreasing skills I use, acquiring new ones and embracing change. Childhood, Sisterhood, Motherhood, Widowhood and now in retirement (and limitations imposed by a global pandemic) a renewed focus on Neighbourhood!


the road travelled

towards dreams and memories

needs replenishing

Neighbourhood children created Spoonville as a pandemic exercise.

The pandemic and return of cancer hastened retirement from teaching and the health benefits of walking took on new dimensions during ‘iso walks’.

A daily walk was an imperative for health and wellbeing during Covid-19 lockdowns with a regular routine including Josie, an exuberant rescue puppy.

Writing therapy began as a way of displaying photographs of the neighbourhood, using poetry to distract and cheer people up. I continue to be inspired, write posts and stay engaged with others. I love the English language with its diverse history and incredible nuances

My Bayside Suburb

My bayside suburb offers a choice of delightful walking paths by Mordialloc Creek and to nearby parks and reserves but restricts access to the foreshore for dogs, so the foreshore promenade and beach I enjoy alone or with my two-legged buddy. Health and happiness entwined with walking and writing.

Endorphins increased, blood sugar and blood pressure lowered, especially since the stress of the continuing pandemic and mayhem of politics can leave me feeling powerless. Staying connected to nature and community provides energy and motivation to push back against negativity and make a positive difference.

Words are powerful, they can hurt or inspire, incite or soothe.

Mordialloc beach at sunset


sunset’s wondrous glow grows

softens storm clouds and leaden sky

pause… ponder

stand in awe at all we do not know

breathe in, breathe out…

those we love may die too soon

but the miracle of dawn

floods the world with light

a daily reminder of renewal

darkness is not infinite

birdsong a celebration of joy

breathe in, breathe out…


My Message for Me and for You:

Words are powerful, they can hurt or inspire, incite or soothe.

Actions are powerful, they can hurt or inspire, incite or soothe.

Work toward a life of words and actions that make a positive difference.

~Mairi Neil

About Mairi Neil:

Mairi Neil is an Australian writer, born in Scotland and now living in Mordialloc, a bayside suburb of Melbourne. She founded and coordinated the Mordialloc Writers’ Group, producing their nine anthologies over 21 years. Before retiring Mairi taught writing in neighbourhood houses and in 2016 won Citizen of the Year for her contribution to community writing and teaching. Mairi loves reading and writing; celebrating the power of words and the richness of the English language. She believes sharing of stories encourages tolerance, understanding, and peaceful coexistence. She writes about family, culture, personal and historical events, the environment, health issues, and place with many of her poems, short stories, essays, and short plays finding a home or published on her blog Up the Creek With a Pen. and Instagram.


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18 במאי 2023

Thank you Matilda and Kendra for all you do to give women writers an opportunity to celebrate and share their stories. You both are amazing!

Matilda Butler
Matilda Butler
18 במאי 2023
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Thank you for your comment and for your amazing contest entry. I love the way you weave narrative, poetry, and photographs into a compelling story.


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Amazing! :)


17 במאי 2023
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Congratulations, Mairi! Well done.

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