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It's Tell `n Sell Tuesday! Introducing Amazing CAN DO Women Acrylic Figures

"I don't care how inspirational it is, a fabric figure just doesn't make a good cake topper."

Naturally, Matilda agreed with me. After all, our Amazing CAN DO Women were designed originally as ornaments. And while they are very popular with individuals and museums, they are simply not good for everything.

That's when Matilda got the idea for acrylic figures. Now acrylic figures are very popular in Asia. You see them used to display and collect Anime figures, pop-culture icons and even animals. They're also starting to catch on here.

We (okay I'm including myself in Matilda's brilliant idea) decided to start converting our most

popular Amazing CAN DO Women icons into acrylic figures with our original artwork. And they are hot off the press. We've only had them in for about two weeks.

We started with five of our figures--Victoria Claflin Woodhull, Nannie Burroughs (both suffragists), Bessie Stringfield, Rosie the Riveter and Wendy the Welder---and did a small run to start. So if you want your favorite inspirational figure as a cake topper, desk decoration or shelf ornament, get `em while we have them in stock.

Each has an inspirational message on the base. And the back includes the figure's name and brief description. They're fun to collect and display. Right now I have Wendy the Welder on my computer desk.

Inspirations to choose from:

  • Nannie Burroughs: Turn NO into YES

  • Victoria Claflin Woodhull: Claim your place in the world

  • Bessie Stringfield: Pursue your passion

  • Rosie the Riveter: You Can Do It!

  • Wendy the Welder: Seize your opportunities

Each figure comes in two parts--figure and base. Just remove the protective film (keeps the

acrylic pristine until it gets to you) and insert the tab at the bottom of the figure into the slot on the base. Simple. And you're ready for action.

Our Amazing CAN DO Women figures are available on our Etsy RosieCentral store and are available at our introductory price--less than $10.

Two or More Coupon Savings

While we can't really beat our introductory price, we did want to give you something. So, when you buy two or more of the acrylic figures, you'll save 10% on your order (good through June 30th). Just be sure to use Coupon Code: AMAZING10.



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