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Rosie the Riveter Costume...You Can Do It!

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Goodness. What has it been now? I think Matilda and I have been offering Rosie the Riveter costume accessories for about 15 years.

It All Began with a Bandana

After we wrote Rosie's Daughters: The "First Woman To" Generation Tells Its Story, we were on the book promotion circuit. Matilda got the brilliant idea of having us wear red-and-white polkadot bandanas. But nowhere...I mean nowhere could we find bandanas or even fabric to buy.

We were going to have to make our own.

Fortunately, I knew some young people who were silk screening bandanas. We bought about 20 and took them to the venues where we were selling Rosie's Daughters. Well! Rosie's Daughter's was a hit (we're into the second edition). But the bandanas were a sensation.

And a business was born. We've spent the last 15 years perfecting our Rosie bandanas and adding to the array of Rosie accessories. And at this point, RosieCentral has one of the most inclusive, authentic and original collections available.

Let me take you through the Essential Rosie the Riveter costume accessories.

When we first started making Rosie bandanas, we were limiting them to 22" square. And because they were silk screened, we had to use a heavier fabric. Neither was ideal for a bandana.

We've since upgraded our bandanas to a soft, light-weight bandana fabric that's dyed in a design exclusively for us. And best of all, our standard 27" x 27" square banana is the official, regulation size for Rosies working in the plants. You'll find, too, that our banana is easy to tie "Rosie style."

Our bandanas were so popular with a new generation of would-be Rosies that they begged us to add an authentic Rosie Employment Badge collar pin. So we began our research, and this is our result. It's a beautiful 1.25" diameter embossed metal pin that's hand enameled. And in the center is a photograph of Rosie...just like the real thing. You'll love it for your Rosie costume and you'll enjoy showing it off all year long.

So with our name patch we veered away slightly from our commitment to authenticity. We just had to make a Rosie name patch, and of course it has to have polkadots. This is our original design for an iron-on embroidered Rosie name patch. It's 4" wide and 2" high.

So, we sell a full-size, two-sided 2' x 3' poster. It's perfect for dorm room walls, offices, playrooms and kid's bedrooms. The one side has the traditional Rosie "We Can Do It!" poster. The other side has everything but Rosie--so you can pose in your bandana and make your own photo.

But the full-size poster is difficult to carry around at a costume party. So we decided to make a mini version of our poster. It's 5"x7" and comes with a birch stick that you can attach and showcase your mini "We Can Do It!" poster. Rosie would have loved it.

All of these Items are included in our Be A Rosie basic costume accessory kit.

Buy on Etsy or on Amazon.

The socks...oh the socks. I just love these cute cotton socks that we call Rosie's Toesies. They're red-and-white polkadots with blue accents, and on the sole is Rosie's motto "We Can Do It!" This is a sock sure to enhance your look while inspiring you. Rosie's Toesies have just enough spandex to ensure your socks hold their shape.

You can select a special Be A Rosie kit that includes the socks. Available on both Etsy and Amazon.

Now if you want the ultimate Rosie costume, you can select our Deluxe costume kit. In addition to the Be A Rosie basic and socks, we give you Rosie tattoos, a Rosie cookbook and a few authentic accessories to put in your pocket.

If you had been a Rosie the Riveter back during WW2, you would have carried your ration book. A friend of ours was a child during the war and she still had her original ration book. She let us reproduce her ration book...just for you.

If you'd received change from a ration coupon, you would have a few ration tokens in your pocket and most likely a steel 1942 penny. Since Rosie was a riveter, we imagine she might have carried a few spare rivets in her pocket.

Well we have the real things, and so can you.

You can order the Be A Rosie Deluxe costume kit on Etsy. Also on Amazon.

Just Add Jeans/Overalls, Blue Shirt and Shoes/Boots

Two of the nice things about a Rosie the Riveter costume are that it's comfortable and affordable. You can wear it to a party or to the office, and be comfortable all day. Plus almost everyone has a pair of jeans and blue shirt. So what could be easier?!

Want more good reasons to Be A Rosie? The bandana is great for camping, hiking or gardening...any time you want a bandana. And it's so cute.

Your pin and socks are fun to wear any time. We wear Rosie accessories all the time. The socks go great with slacks and the pin worn on a vest or parka makes a statement. Show the world you're a strong, empowered woman...Every day.

And if you want to select from a wide range of gifts, ornaments and items for women, go to our Etsy store or our Amazon store.

This year, Rock Your Dots!

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