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Stand Out in a Crowd with Our Purple-White-Gold VOTES for Women Sashes

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Many of you know us for our Rosie the Riveter Legacy gear. But in 2020, with the centennial celebration of suffrage and passage of the 19th Amendment, we decided that RosieCentral needed to expand its mission.

We started with the introduction of suffrage costume accessories in the colors of the American Suffrage movement--purple, white and gold. You can click on our testimonial pages to see some of the beautiful costumes women created with the help of our accessories.

At the time, we decided to go with a gold Votes for Women sash. And while it is authentic, there were many styles of suffrage sashes at the time. We really wanted to go with a tri-color purple, white and gold Votes for Women sash, but the cost was prohibitive.


New technology has made the three-color sash more affordable. And we're delighted to introduce our premium satin purple, white and gold Votes for Women sash, which we're packaging with our popular gold Votes for Women button (also based on an actual suffrage button of the era).

For fun, we dressed up a few suffrage women of the early 20th century in our sash. They definitely stand out...okay, maybe that's because everyone else is in black and white. But the sash is a beauty.

Celebrate Our New Tricolor Sash with 40% Savings

We're so excited about how nice the sashes look (and feel) that we want to share our excitement with you.

From now, until June 19th, you can order our tri-color sashes for 40% off. Just click the link and you'll go to our RosieCentral store on Etsy. To get the 40% off, use Discount Code VOTE40 at checkout.

And yes, we'll include the gold Votes for Women button.

These sashes are incredibly soft satin; they drape across the body beautifully. You'll love them.

Remember, visit our Etsy store and use Discount Code: VOTE40.



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