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Thanks for Sharing Your Halloween Costume Memories

How clever you all are!

Throughout the year, Matilda and I receive photos of your wonderful costumes incorporating our Rosie, Wendy and suffrage costume accessories. The photos are always so much fun to see because although everyone is working with the same basic RosieCentral accessories, each individual's personal style and flair is front and center.

So in keeping with our November theme of thankfulness, I want to say that Matilda and I are very grateful for your willingness to share your photos. We thank you.

The above is our first-ever Wendy the Welder photo that's come in. So cute, and her husband is carrying her lunch pail. By the way, that looks like one of RosieCentral's bandanas in the background....just saying.

Over the years, we've received many Rosie and suffrage photos. Here are just a few:

The kids are just adorable, and it's nice to start them out early...thinking about their personal strength, empowerment and Can-Do spirit.

This year, so far, we have a new Rosie to add to our Friends of Rosie Wall of Fame:

Very cute.

Now, if we're lucky, we will get to do a follow-up post of more Rosies and Wendys and suffrage women. There's one that I've only heard about but am hoping to get. A father ordered our We Can Do It! poster to pose his new-born daughter on it in her Rosie costume. I've got my fingers crossed that we get to see that one.

Thank you, again, to all of the strong, empowered, Can-Do women in our audience. You represent the best. Rosie, Wendy, Victoria, Nannie and the millions of women who have stood up, done the job and spoken up throughout the years would be proud. Thank you.

The First Gift Reveal is November 5th

Now we're gearing up for our RosieCentral gift reveal starting this Saturday. Stay tuned!

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Nov 04, 2022

I hadn't thought about a Wendy the Welder costume. I'll put this on my list for sure. Great photos, btw.

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