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We Reveal a Gift That's Appreciated Any Time of Year

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

How many gifts have you given throughout your life?

How many have you received?

Too many to recall?

Well then answer me this: Is it really better to give than receive?

I think most of us would answer yes. Even little children understand this.

I know that's true for me. Despite drafting multi-page missives and wish lists to Santa when I was young and drooling over the FAO Schwarz Christmas catalog for hours...circling the biggest chemistry sets and fastest toy race cars they had (putting a big fat "K" next to them, as if my mother wouldn't know they were my heart's desire)...despite all that, the gifts I remember most are the special things I saved up to buy my sister, brother and parents.

I still remember those moments of giving with the greatest joy. The looks of surprise on their faces. The little shrieks of joy.

That's why we give.

To bring happiness to others...and, in the process, to ourselves.

Gifts are a way to tell them, not that we bought something big or expensive, but to tell them (even in a little way) how much they mean to us. How much we care and how happy we are to have them in our lives.

It's important to give. And I hope this holiday season your giving list is long. Very long. For that's the greatest gift that you can receive.

Consider a Rosie the Riveter or Suffragist Soapbox

This week Matilda and I present our RosieCentral Holiday Gift Reveal #2. It's our Rosie the Riveter and Suffragist Soapboxes. We pack into a 7" x 4" gift box our most essential Rosie and suffrage costume accessories along with a hand-wrapped bar of amazing artisan soap.

But why am I going on here at length. Watch the video above--and all will be revealed.

If you have need of hostess gifts, stocking stuffers and Secret Santa presents, maybe a RosieCentral soapbox will fill the bill. You can find these soapboxes by clicking the links below:

Rosie the Riveter soapboxes on Etsy and Amazon.

Suffragist soapboxes on Etsy and Amazon.

If someone on your list lives far away and you want us to send your gift, let us know. We'll include a card or name tag and an extra special bow.


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