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Writing Wednesday: Creativity, Inspiration, and You

Updated: May 19, 2022


Today, we'd like to help you better understand ways creativity can help you lead a more inspired life.

In last week's Amazing Women blog, we focused on the life and creativity of Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner. She invented and patented products for everyday needs and is an inspiration to all of us.



Find Creativity Even in the Ordinary

But you may think...

  • ... "I'm not creative."

  • "I can't imagine creating a new product and patenting it."

  • "I certainly can't find creativity even in the ordinary like Mary Kenner did."

But wait.

You are creative. Your creativity may not be in the area of new products. But there are many ways to be creative and we'd like to think that Mary's story just might inspire many of us to acknowledge our own form of creativity.

Don't Panic: You Can't Fail

Wait, wait! Don't leave. This blog really is for you. Don't be concerned about your "creative talents." You don't need to be a famous artist, or a bestselling writer, or a Grammy musician, or a Nobel Prize winning mathematician to be creative.

In fact, you can't fail!

Just exercising your creative muscles already makes you a winner. And every time you bring creativity into your life, you should, just like the woman to the left, congratulate yourself. Give yourself a high five.


This is Writing Wednesday and most weeks we have a one or two prompts for you. These are prompts for writing and/or action. Why? It is super easy to scan an article--such as our Amazing Women posts--feel inspired or encouraged or empowered, and then promptly forget about it while you go about your "real" life.

We know you are busy, so our prompts are designed to give you just enough time to focus on writing or action you can take to help you incorporate the previous Amazing Woman's inspiration into your life.

This week is the first time we are implementing our new approach. Last Friday's blog was about Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner. If you haven't read about Mary, just click on the button below and then come back here for your prompt. If you've already read about her, continue on.

We'd like you to reflect on how creativity is already in your life and how you might expand on its presence -- use creativity to enhance your life.

We hope you'll take 5 minutes to find a way to apply the lesson from Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner's story to your own life. The inspiration from her life can be applied to many parts of your own life -- personal, professional, leisure, etc.

  • When do you feel enthusiastic about being creative?

  • Are you willing to take risks to feel passionate about what you do?

Just remember: Creativity comes in many flavors.

Choose just ONE of the two statements above. Then write for 5 minutes on how you can take action today by letting Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner's words inspire you.

  • IDEA:

I love to cook and always feel enthusiastic when planning something new to make. Recently, for Pi Day (March 14, AKA 3.14 of course), I made a pie with a "crust" of refried beans and a "filling" of layers of corn, black beans, caramelized onions, salsa, and cheese, that was topped with a second crust of more refried beans. I even piped the words HAPPY PI DAY on the top with sour cream. Then I surprised my son and his family with the delivery of this pie as they always celebrate with as many pies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as possible each year on Pi Day.

I remember how happy I was with the "pi." It was great fun to see my son's face when we showed up unexpectedly. It was in Covid-time, of course, so we all sat outside and shared the fun pie. In looking back, I see if was the unexpected pleasure in my family's faces that was the reward for the work I put into the dish. Of course, I also had the creativity fun of figuring out how to make the dish.

Now, write about your own enthusiasm that lets you express your inspired life.

Then remember to be inspired by your own life as you move forward.



Find Creativity Even in the Ordinary

HINT: Don't Have Much Time to Write Today?

Although this exercise for creativity is designed to just take a little time, you still may not feel you can write today. Here's another way to use the inspiration. Take just one statement:

When do you feel enthusiastic about being creative?

Close your eyes and remember a specific time when you felt enthusiastic about something you were doing. Feel the enthusiasm throughout your body. Think about that specific time. And during the rest of your day, look for ways you can build that same enthusiasm into what you are doing. Then go ahead and congratulate yourself. Even when there isn't creativity and enthusiasm all the day, relish the times it is there.

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