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Celebrate Our Vote with Our Suffrage Gifts and Gear Roundup

We've shared with you that August is our official suffrage month. If you want to celebrate our vote, share our women's rights with friends and family, honor our foremothers, give the gift of empowerment, participate in a suffrage celebration parade or decorate a table and/or cake for a great party, we have what you need to dress the part and share the feelings:

  • Costume accessories

  • Suffrage gifts

  • Bulk items to purchase at volume for your event or activity

So enjoy our roundup...and party like it's 1920!

Celebrate the 19th Amendment with a 19% OFF Discount Code on EVERYTHING in Our Etsy Store--Even Rosie Gear

Before getting into the roundup of specific suffrage products, let me share this special offer. From now until August 22nd, we are putting EVERYTHING in our Etsy store on sale. Click to go to the Etsy Rosie Legacy Gear store (or click on any of the product links below).

At checkout, use Discount Code: EVERYTHING19 to save 19% on any and all items.

But you must order by August 22, 2022 to save.

And now, on to the roundup...

Gifts to Celebrate Our Vote

Suffragette Tea Gift Set: LiberTea and EqualiTea. We paired up two historic and organic green teas associated with revolution and suffrage. Hyson was the tea thrown into Boston Harbor. From the Boston Tea Party we next celebrate the early tea party where suffragists planned the Seneca Falls Convention. For that we selected Pearl Green tea, an unfolding tea that is as much fun to watch as it is to drink.

We also include our gold Votes for Women and our Abigail "Remember the Ladies" Adams buttons. It's a nice gift for someone who loves history and appreciates our roots.

Suffragist in a Box with Lavender Soap. This is our most popular suffrage gift, and it makes a perfect hostess gift. We've included two of our standard suffrage costume accessories--our satin rosette and sash. To make it extra special, we've packed a full-size bar of our artisan lavender soap. What a beautiful scent. And it's a classic. Ida, Susan B and Victoria were all familiar with lavender soap.

Suffragette Handmade Cloth Ornaments: Nannie Burroughs and Victoria Woodhull. When it comes to suffrage, Nannie and Victoria are our muses...our heroes. Yes, they were real women, and we captured their likeness with our own original illustrations.

We transfer the artwork to muslin fabric, sew and stuff our 3D ornaments with Poly-Fil. And to top it all off, we include a gold Votes for Women button and pack everything in a gift box. It's ready for gifting...or tell us where you want the gift sent. Perfect for giving your women friends around the holidays, although we admit that our ornaments stay out front and center year `round.

Playdate with History: Suffrage Edition. If you're like us, you love children's gifts that are both fun and educational. Our Playdate includes games, puzzles, activities, crafts and costume accessories.

Your daughter or granddaughter will have a lot of fun dressing up while she discovers the significance of the suffrage movement...all presented from a young person's perspective. A great gift for your grandchildren.

Personal Inspiration and Suffrage Costume Accessories

Here are several of our more popular suffrage costume combinations. Looking for another combination? It's probably on our website.

2-Item Suffrage Costume Accessories. As with all our historic costume accessories, we strive for historical accuracy, practicality and cost savings. Our accessories are ideal for theatrical productions, parades, suffrage celebrations and Halloween costumes.

Our satin rosette and sash are both in the authentic, historic colors of the American suffrage movement. You'll be the hit of any event!

3-item Suffrage Costume Accessories. Don't need a rosette? How about a gold button--a replica of the Votes for Women buttons of the suffrage era. And the sign typography is taken directly from an original. It's a hand sign (we include a birch stick you can attach), easy to carry, fun to display on tables and walls.

Again, if this isn't the exact combination you need, check our site. We have many more combinations and variations.

All-New 3-Color Votes for Women Sash and Gold Button. This one is more than a variation. It's our new sash, and we're so proud of it. We captured the purple, white and gold of the American suffrage movement in a super-soft satin sash.

We just love it and don't want to take it off. Will we get funny looks if we wear them to the grocery?! Probably, but you could wear it to the voting booth in November.

We pair the tri-color sash with our gold Votes for Women button. The perfect combination.

3-Item Tri-Color Suffrage Costume Options. Did I say the sash and button is the perfect combination? Well we topped that. Here is our tri-color sash, authentic rosette and gold button.

You'll be the belle of the suffrage ball at any event, parade or costume party.

Inspirational Suffrage Acrylic Figures. Our Nannie Burroughs and Victoria Woodhull figures are back for your enjoyment and inspiration.

This time, instead of fabric ornaments, we've put our original illustrations on stand-up acrylic figures with inspirational words on

the base. Each message is unique to the woman and her personal journey. We think you'll relate to the messages and draw strength.

The figures stand about 5 1/2 inches tall. They look great on desks, shelves and can even serve as cake centerpieces. You can purchase them individually. They're lots of fun.

Bulk Suffrage Gear and Party Favors

August is our official suffrage month, and many of our friends and followers are celebrating our vote with parties. Sooooo...we wanted to help you out with bulk purchases and savings. They make great party favors and group events that require costumes. Here are four of our popular choices. Don't see what you need, check the site. Need more, we can often discount even more on volume purchases, so contact us with your request.

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