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Gratitude and Music

Welcome to Day 7 of RosieCentral's Gratitude and Giving Thanks Month

It's November and our thoughts turn to Turkey Day. Close your eyes and imagine a past Thanksgiving. It is typical that everyone around the table offers thanks for something. This is traditional with many families.

In our home, we used to start each meal with giving thanks, but recently changed. Why? We noticed that everyone said the minimum — after all who could resist the scents of roasted turkey, hot citrusy cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes buried under rich umami gravy, green beans with preserved lemons, and cinnamon apple pie? We were hungry and listening to thanks wasn't really our priority.

So now, we eat the turkey (and/or Tofurky) and all the trimmings. Then after seconds, we start around the table with the opportunity for each person to say as much or as little about what they are thankful for. By the time we've all spoken, our food has settled enough that we're ready for pie!

We announce our family's schedule for giving thanks. And this way, if we have a newcomer to our gathering, the person has a chance to think about what she (or he) will say.

What kind of thanks do you hear around your table? Most of the comments, at least in my family, relate to experiences, to friendships, even to work (gratitude for employment).

But you might want to consider music — especially if that is important in your life. So whether you are at a Thanksgiving meal or just going through your day, pause to give thanks for music.

Music? What Kind of Music?

Fortunately, there are many genres of music that can bring you enjoyment and help to lift your day. I found a website with an incredible list of genres. If you want to expand your music listening, you might want to check it out — Here are some of the main categories. Each category has multiple subcategories. This means there’s a great deal of music to be heard.

Music Genres to Consider



Children’s music




Easy listening


Folk Music


Indie Pop


Inspirational (Christian and Gospel)



New Age








What Can You Do With a List Like This?

I’m not naming music genres just to name them. You are likely to already have a favorite genre. Here’s two ways to make use of music genres:

  1. Share your music preference(s) with a friend — even recommend a new recording to a friend. This connects you more deeply with the person -- giving both of you something to be grateful for.

  2. Try out a new genre. You might ask a friend for a suggestion. You don’t have to like the music — just learn to widen you experiences — to perhaps have more in common with a friend.

There’s so much to be grateful for.

Let music join your gratitude list.

Music can make you feel better.


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