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Gratitude: More Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom: Part 3

November is the perfect month to think about and to express our gratitude. Thanksgiving Day is certainly the focus for most of us. Yet there are so many benefits to being thankful that it helps to find ways to be grateful on a regular basis — a daily — basis.

This is now Day 3 of sharing wisdom. The previous two days revealed:

Based on life-earned experiences of women I interviewed for the collective memoir: Rosie’s Daughters: “The First Woman To” Generation Tells Their Stories, I asked the more than 100 women I interviewed --

“Given what you have learned during the past decades, what advice can you give to younger women?”

Then I did a content analysis of their responses to find the themes in their answers. Here’s their third piece of wisdom.

Wisdom 3: “Look On the Bright Side”

The women I interviewed were most definitely not Pollyannas. A striking example of this is the advice of one woman:

“Don’t ever let the bastards get you down.”

Putting that advice aside, I found that most of the women I interviewed urged women to enjoy life and find positive aspects to each day. Life, they say, is to be lived to its fullest; let their words be your inspiration:

“Count your blessings, and be optimistic in everything you do.”
“Don’t look back. Play each day for what it has to bring.”
“Keep a bright, cheery outlook by seeing the glass as half full and not half empty.”

Sharing your optimism can be contagious. One woman, after careful consideration of my question, suggested,

“Take time to smell the roses. Say something nice to someone each day. It is amazing how often this simple act isn’t done.”

Find Your Own Bright Side

If you haven’t yet found the bright side of life, you may have to start your journey by first letting go of previous hurts, insults, and even injustices. Sometimes that is the only way to move forward. Depending on the situations that are keeping you from enjoying the "bright side", you may need to forgive others...and forgive yourself.


I am so grateful to the women who shared their wisdom with me and hope their advice will brighten your life.

Check back tomorrow for the fourth piece of wisdom.

Gratitude for the advice of these woman!


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Nov 14, 2022

Thank you for this confirmation. Having a positive attitude helps me navigate the many Negative Nellies and Eeyores that I encounter. So yes, I say stay positive. I think being positive helps you to focus on finding solutions.

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